Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've never....

I've never played a round of golf and I've never run out of gas. I realize those are two completely unrelated activities, but one almost happened yesterday.

When I went to go run some errands yesterday afternoon, I turned on my car in the garage and saw this:

That's right. 0 miles 'til empty.

Perhaps I should have stayed home, but I was feeling daring and decided to go ahead and push my luck. Plus, the gas station is less than two miles from my house, so if worse came to worse, I could be one of those poor souls you see carrying a red gas-can down the highway.

Of course, the stop-light-gods were working against me. I had to stop and wait at the two stop lights between my house and the gas station.

I turned off the heat and the radio. I am fairly certain that the radio runs off the battery, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to turn it off.

I coasted down hills and up hills as far as I could go.

I was living on the edge.

AND I made it. Suckers! 0 miles 'til empty....whatever! Now I know how far I can push my empty gas tank. I wonder if it will display negative miles....because what's the point of 0, if they don't really mean it?

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Michael said...

That is so funny since I remember being concerned when I was riding with you in October and you only had about 15 miles to empty displayed. I'm pretty sure you will get a lot of satisfaction when you actually run out of gas someday.